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Atlas Copco implementing new eCommerce & PIM solution in 60+ countries worldwide

28. 12. 2022 | Kateřina Marešová

In order to keep up with market trends and remain future-proof in this area, Atlas Copco team has started the “One Portal” program. They want to bring one common, yet flexible, commerce solution (B2B/B2C/B2B2C for all products) able to deliver each customer journey in a simple, extensible, and cost-effective way. 

The program is managed from Belgium but Brno IT HUB of Atlas Copco plays a significant part in it.

We have talked with leader of the program James Houseman and Product Owner Thomas Sinnaeve (PIM solution) and Product Owner Kristof Ceulemans (eCommerce solution) about the project timeline, team roles and responsibilities and much more.


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