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Basics of Optimizely CMS & Commerce

5. 4. 2022 | Kateřina Marešová

Senior Software Engineer Sergey Ryzhov who is certified Optimizely developer, together with his colleague Matej Kolar, who started to work with Optimizely less than a year ago, are happy to share their knowledge about Optimizely with you during smitio online coffee.

Optimizely is known for content, commerce management systems and helps with setting up enterprise B2C and B2B platforms, including cloud based solutions.

During our online meet-up we will cover:

  • introduction of Optimizely
  • how it works and what does it help with
  • features that are provided out of the box
  • pros and cons
  • how to start working with it

Meet-up is suitable for all .NET developers and everybody who is interested in web-development.

First Line Software is an international company with customers around the world, working on projects such as cloud computing, data management, online media and content management.

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