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# Jetpack Compose is a tool which can help developing UI for Android much faster and easier.

18. 5. 2023 | Kateřina Marešová

Mykhailo Kostyria, Android developer from Dactyl group provided a practical introduction.

What you can expect to learn from the webinar?

  • Introduction to Jetpack Compose
  • Getting Started with Jetpack Compose, including setting up the development environment and creating a simple UI.
  • Building Complex UIs with Jetpack Compose
  • Integrating Jetpack Compose with Existing Codebases
  • Advanced Jetpack Compose Topics - state management, animations, theming, and testing
  • Best Practices for Jetpack Compose Development - using state hoisting, avoiding side effects, and structuring code for reusability.
  • Future of Jetpack Compose

Meetup suitable for Android developers and everyone interested in mobile application development tools.

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